Docker Hats – All Season Hats

Docker hats are created with the intent to protect workers, specifically sailors and port workers who were more often exposed to unmerciful weather conditions. Whether it’s high temperature and a lot of sun, or harsh winters with strong gusts of winds, these hats were designed to shield against everything.

Docker Hats - All Season Hats

Versatility of Docker Hats

Due to the straightforward structure of Docker Hats, they can be easily produced out of a variety of materials like cloth, cotton, wool, corduroy, denim, or even leather. This allows for a large diversity of docker hats on the market that allow tremendous wearing comfort regardless of the weather.

Comfort and Protection During Colder Seasons

Docker hats are made with a precise cut that ensures they stay firmly on your head and do not slip off during strong winds. The adjustable strap found in many models can be used for additional security, as well as providing a stylish touch since it is oftentimes decorated with a buckle or a button detail.

Many docker hats feature a double-layered cuffed brim that can be rolled down to protect a larger area of your head from the cold. For the cooler months, we recommend choosing a hat made of wool or a thick cotton material with an additional inner layer.

Rocking a Docker Hat in Warmer Seasons

Docket hats made of denim or canvas are perfect for the warmer months – they have a light, summery appearance and they also keep your head cool thanks to the breathable properties of these materials. Many docker hats have a ponytail opening that can additionally allow you to feel the breeze, and they make the hat feel lighter altogether.

Some designs have an integrated UV filter which is super practical for wearing on hot, sunny days. Plenty of summer models give off a pretty laidback feel due to their soft structure, giving you bonus cool points. Regardless of the weather, your head can always benefit from this trendy piece of headwear!