A Few Facts about Docker & Beanie Hats

There are many styles of headwear out there, from baseball caps to bucket hats and berrets, however nothing really captures the laidback urban vibe quite as well as beanies and docker hats. Beanies are usually sold in standard sizes because of their flexible structure, and docker hats achieve this practicality through adjustable straps that most of them feature. Whether you are looking to try this iconic headwear for the first time, or you already have a few pieces in your own wardrobe and are looking to expand your collection, here are a few things to know about these types of hats.

A Few Facts about Docker & Beanie Hats

Docker Hats – From Vintage Sailor Vibes to Contemporary Fashion

A docker hat is a brimless cap with folded edges. It can be made of almost any material, but the ones you will most commonly come across are cotton, corduroy, denim, or leather. Over the years, docker hats have secured a pretty solid spot in the streetwear game. They go well with a variety of aesthetics and are very often added as a flattering piece to minimalist fits.

Most docker hats have a solid structure and a netted inner lining that provides an extra layer of protection and quality. You will also come across plenty of 6-panel models that hold a very flattering shape and go well with all head shapes.

Beanie Hats – Iconic Headwear That Never Goes Out of Style

If it feels like beanie hats have been around forever, that’s probably because they have been! They originate since the 12th century and were initially known as Monmouth caps. When we think of beanie hats today, we usually think of them made of cotton or wool, but when they first appeared, they were actually made of velvet material! 

Nowadays, beanies are among the most popular styles of hats, beloved by hat-wearers of all ages. They are very flattering as they easily fit your face shape and can even be used as a way to enhance or complement your hairstyle. They go well together with any outfit, and they are very easy to pick up if you are having a bad hair day and need to cover it up. It will instantly give you an effortless, cool look!